Cemetery FAQs

Everything you need to know about cemeteries.

What is Perpetual Care? How does it make Trinity Memorial Gardens the best choice?

A perpetual care cemetery is permanently maintained through a perpetual care fund. For each space or mausoleum crypt sold, 10% of the selling price is trusted to that fund. The principal may never be touched, only the interest may be used. This guarantees a family's burial estate will be beautiful forever, unlike other cemeteries and facilities that cannot guarantee perpetual care—leaving the future care of your loved one's final resting place in doubt.

What if our family moves?

We don't know when our family may relocate, however, it is important to always have your loved ones protected in the event of an emergency. Trinity Memorial Gardens is a member of the International Cemetery and Funeral Association. This Association provides a program called credit exchange plan. This entitles families to be able to transfer their burial estate dollar per dollar to an affiliate 75 miles or further in the United States.

Can we make all of our arrangements with Trinity Memorial Gardens?

Trinity Memorial Gardens can and does assist with total arrangements. We are not a funeral home, however, we can guide you to a reputable funeral establishment that will suit your particular needs. We can assist your family with all options, including burial arrangements, caskets, outer containers, memorials, cremation urns, cremation niches, and mausoleum entombment.

Does Trinity Memorial Gardens sell caskets?

Trinity Memorial Gardens offers a selection of caskets to meet your family's needs.

Do funeral directors accept caskets purchased elsewhere?

Yes. Maryland law requires all funeral homes to accept caskets that are purchased elsewhere.

Does Trinity Memorial Gardens offer private family mausoleums?

Yes. A family mausoleum is a custom-built, independently standing structure, which can be placed in any cemetery. This structure usually accommodates two entombments, but can be built to accommodate six.

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