Cemetery Guidelines

Our cemetery guidelines ensure peace and respect for all.

Please feel free to discuss them with any member of our Family Service staff should you require additional clarification or information. We hope they offer you meaningful guidance as we work together to maintain the heritage of Trinity Memorial Gardens now and for the future.

Trinity Memorial Gardens & Mausoleum Rules and Regulations February 2024

The rules and regulations for Trinity Memorial Gardens (TMG) have been adopted for the use, care, control, management restrictions and protection of the cemetery.  Rules may be revised, modified, or abolished without notice as deemed necessary.

  1. The cemetery’s hours of business are 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday, and Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. The visiting hours for the cemetery are from dawn to dusk.
  2. It is required for any individual making burial arrangements to provide proper identification. This is to insure legal authorization on behalf of the deceased. Due to privacy laws, TMG is only allowed to provide information to property owner(s) or the legal appointed representative.
  3. Burial or entombment services may not exceed 45 minutes.
  4. NO EXCEPTIONS. All monies pertaining to the burial must be paid in full 24 hours prior to the interment.
  5. No interments or entombments on New Year’s, Labor, Independence, Memorial, Thanksgiving or Christmas Day.
  6. A burial vault is required for all inground interments. These may be of concrete, metal or polyguard.
  7. A burial vault purchased by an outside vendor must be delivered to TMG by 9:00 am the day prior to interment, i.e., a Monday interment requires the vault to be here on Friday at 9:00 am. TMG will inspect the vault and make sure the product meets the required standards for inground burial. TMG has the right to refuse. There is an outside vault set fee of $250.00.
  8. Chapel of Hope and Faith Mausoleum crypts require steel caskets. NO WOOD ALLOWED. A cremation urn may be placed in a single crypt with a full casket with purchase of a second right of entombment. However, the urn must be 6” by 8” or smaller.
  9. Life insurance policies are accepted at time of need. The insurance application process must be completed and paid 24 hours prior to internment/entombment. A minimum of $3,500.00 must be on contract.
  10. Decorations are allowed outside the subsurface vase only from December 1 through February 1. All arrangements are put on the grave at the property owner’s risk. No breakable items (i.e., glass) permitted. This poses a hazard to the families, visitors and maintenance crew and our equipment. Decorations cannot exceed 45 inches in height. No items may hang from vase or on face of any mausoleum crypt or niche. ABSOLUTELY NO BALLOONS ALLOWED. On February 2 or soon after all items left on grave will be removed. TMG does not keep these items.
  11. Per Maryland Legislation SB0028 (Effective October 1, 2020) balloon releases on cemetery property are not permitted.
  12. Courtesy Memorials are only placed for 30 days. Courtesy will be removed if a Contract for permanent memorial is not in place.
  13. Please use only the paved cemetery roadway when operating your vehicle. Parking or driving on the lawns or service roads is prohibited. The posted speed limit is 15 miles per hour and is enforced for the safety of our families and visitors. Flower arrangements and other decorations left after an interment/entombment will be left in place for a period of up to a week. After which time, all items will be removed. We do not keep these items.
  14. Memorialization that is financed with TMG are not ordered until paid in full.
  15. To maintain a park-like setting only bronze memorials set flush with granite foundation is permitted. The bronze must be ΒΌ” thick and the granite must be 4” in thickness with a 4” inch border. The edge must be finished with a razor edge cut (no rough edges) and must be Moonlight Gray in color only.
  16. TMG is not held responsible for the theft of or damage to personal items left on cemetery grounds. This includes memorials, vases, and flowers.
  17. TMG recognizes the importance of maintaining each grave site in the best possible condition. For this reason, we have a full-time maintenance crew responsible for the grounds. It is prohibited, for your safety not to perform maintenance on grave or memorial. Please contact the office immediately and a work order will be written to address these concerns.
  18. Bronze memorialization on our Mausoleum is an exclusive design for TMG and therefore, all inscriptions, emblems and vases must be purchased through TMG. TMG maintenance crew are the only authorized installers for these purchases.
  19. Apart from the mausoleum bronze memorialization, you are not obligated to purchase bronze memorials or granite from TMG. However, any bronze memorial and/or granite must be approved by TMG Board of Directors. The outside vendor is required to contact TMG directly to be provided with our specifications, installation fees, terms, and conditions. Should you use an outside vendor, TMG is not liable for any manufacturer defects or any other damage on memorialization. Furthermore, any grammatical errors or other defects are the sole responsibility of the vendor.
  20. To avoid maintenance problems, 24 x 12 companion memorials (VA) will no longer be installed on companion granite at time of first interment. Once a second interment takes place and memorial is ordered, companion granite will be placed.
  21. Outside vendor providing permanent or semi-permanent items to affix to bronze, granite, or granite benches without prior approval of TMG will be removed and discarded immediately and without notice. Cameos, cornerstones, foot markers, separate vases and/or memory lights on small granite pieces are NOT ALLOWED. TMG is not liable for any damage incurred during removal of any unauthorized items.
  22. Benches must have a seat, supports and a base. Benches are to be installed at the foot of the grave unless bench is purchased for the Chapel of Hope Mausoleum. The Chapel of Hope requires Board of Director approval. No external vases or any other obstructions are affixed to the bench. Vase must come installed on bench base.
  23. Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited within the cemetery property.
  24. No hunting or fishing permitted on cemetery property.
  25. TMG has 24-hour surveillance cameras. Anyone caught stealing for defacing property within the cemetery will be subject to criminal prosecution to the fullest extent under the law.